Never had a problem after many years of service. And they'll always come back to respray if I find a single bug.

— Roderick H.

The are very professional and friendly from the office staff to the Field Techs. We were moving and required a flee treatment for the interior and exterior of the townhouse we were renting. Davis Exterminator gave me a great price and were available the day and time I requested. I highly recommend Davis Exterminator because I was very happy with their work and will use them again for my future exterminating needs!

— Letisia M.

I wanted to say here these guys are hands down the best. I had a roach problem for literally over a year. I tried orkin. I tried terminix. Because they were names I recognized. Absolutely nothing they did worked. So I desperately called davis and it took a couple of treatments but they have completely solved the problem. Their people knew what they were doing. If you have a pest problem it's worth every penny to hire these guys.

— Justin R.

Great service, fast, friendly, and Rob did a great job. I can sleep now. Thank you guys for peace of mind.

— Gregory D.

Three words: Great Customer Service!!!

It’s all about taking care of you and your home. John, Ed, and Paul, each and every one of these professionals went above and beyond your typical service call. John, thank you so much for your expedited and daily service. Ed, what can I say- you’re great! Thanks for caring, cleaning, and that extra personal attention to details, that I didn’t want to do after those rats invaded my home. We got ’em, all gone. Thanks for fixing the entry points around the exterior and roof of my home.

Paul, thanks for your regular monthly care - yeah! No more roaches! You guys are the BEST!!!


— Sandra B.

Best pest control company around here; these guys go out their way to help their customers. Would highly recommend this business to anyone who wants to be and remain bug free.

— Danial M.

Rats got into our attic - knew this could become a huge problem. Called Davis and they came out the next day to inspect - hired them on the spot. They have been back daily, set traps, stick pads, and even set up a video camera to monitor a particular area. Ed has done a fantastic job. Highly recommend this company!

— Kevin B.

We have been using Davis Exterminators for most of our rentals, and I have yet to have any issues with pests. Time will tell, I guess, but we have been using this company for over 2 years now with no problems! Thanks for your hard work!

— Derrek V.

I had a "Big" company come out and told me I needed termite treatment pronto. Called Davis (Steve) for a second opinion and he was professional, on time and very knowledgeable… he saw no active termite issues and pricing for a one year guarantee was half the price. Will NEVER use Terminix again… can't thank Davis enough for the honesty, integrity, and the peace of mind that they can give a homeowner. Would recommend them ten times over - thank you.

— Alisa A.

By far some of the best service I have ever gotten from any business. Ed came out for a rodent inspection, and he was thorough, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the issue. Even after paying the bill, I continued to get great service with a follow up email with pictures and drawings of the house footprint with a ledger of all the locations where the rodents were entering the house. I always try to use locally-owned, independent businesses since I feel you typically get better service and this was an excellent choice.

— Linda

Thank you guys for peace of mind.— Gregory D.

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